the times in which we visited a saddler to renew our vehicle upholstery is passť - they are there again in the open sky.

The Polstermanufactur allows you the inexpensive entrance into a completely new vehicle equipment - whether quality textile or leather, whether upholstery, carpet or door coverings, everything matched color scheme and dimensionally accurate, beyond even easy self-install.


For this purpose, the substances no longer produced have been remade from the original Polstermanufactur in quality and have been processed using the old methods of production to a convincing product. We give you all the knowledge and tools to hand to perform the upgrade on their own performance itself. All instructions, see advance in the Downloadcenter.

Carpet sets of Polstermanufactur are authentic: Material and color are equal to OEM, the equipment is complete with all insulation and cushioning mats, buttons, and the original footrests. Here emphasis was placed on that no materials may be used, which did not exist at the time of delivery of your vehicle. The backings meet this standard: authenticity in all areas, even in the later produced specifically attachments. The material complies with the currently valid standards for safety and protection for your health and our environment.


Interior of a piece: the door panels round off the overall impression of your vehicle. They are supplied in exchange process and are easily upgradeable. Of course you will receive detailed instructions in words and pictures how this work can be carried out in the shortest possible time. Moreover, there is a service hotline which is available in all questions with words and deeds aside.
Accessories for equipping your vehicle to complete and for the protection of an interior: Already mats and emoluments, boot mats in carpet quality, overcoats and much more ...